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v0.2.0.0 (August 2011)
-Initial public release 

v4.0.2.5 (May 2013)
-Requires admin privileges to run
-Major UI redesign
-Added Host Options

v5.0.1.0 (March 2016)
-Rewrote lots of code
-Wrote and adopted RemoteAppLib for managing system RemoteApps
-Aware of RemoteApps from 64bit and 32bit registry keys
-UI update
-Icon handling (via IconLib)
-MSI exporting
-Save settings in RDP/MSI export window
-Option to add Remote Desktop Gateway settings to exported RDP/MSI
-Allow renaming apps
-Adding a new app asks you to browse for EXE, then fills fields automatically

v5.3.0.0 (November 2016)
-File type associations can be deployed by RDP files (via RAWeb webfeed) or MSI files
-File type associations can be set/removed on the host system
-MSI files can now be created for either a USER or MACHINE installation
-UI updates
-Streamlined adding new RemoteApps
-Rewrote heaps of code, creating reusable libraries for many functions
-RDP files now only contain non-default settings
-New version of RDP2MSI.exe now included, now supporting full desktop sessions
-Some tooltips added