File type associations for RAWeb webfeed clients

RAWeb can associate file types on clients to RemoteApps. For example, you can configure RAWeb so that when a client opens a DOC file, it opens with a Microsoft Word RemoteApp.

  • Client must be connected to RAWeb's webfeed.
  • The client webfeed URL must be configured via Group Policy (or Local Policy).
  • RDP files need to have file types listed within.
  • RemoteApps on host must be configured to allow command line parameters.
I should stress here that file type associations will not work if you configure the webfeed URL via the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections control panel! You must configure it via policy.

Although I have been unable to test on Windows 7, I have read that this feature may require Windows 8.


Adding file types to RDP files

With a text editor, open the RDP file for the application that you would like to add file type associations for.

Add a new line:
remoteapplicationfileextensions:s:[file extensions separated by commas]

Configuring RemoteApps to allow command-line parameters
Using RemoteApp Tool, edit your RemoteApp and
set Command line option to Optional.

Configuring webfeed URL via local group policy on the client

Go to the Start Menu and type gpedit.msc.

Navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > RemoteApp and Desktop Connections.

Edit the policy setting Specify default connection URL.
Click Enabled and enter the URL to the webfeed below. Click OK.

Adding document icons

If you want a custom icon displayed for a particular file type, put an ICO file into the icon folder with the same name as the rdp file followed by a dot (.) and then the file extension.

Example: To set an icon for all XLS files which will open in Excel 2010 (Excel2010.rdp) your would need an icon file named: Excel2010.xls.ico